How We Began

All creatures great and small

Adele is the founder of Dogtastic Daycare and has been passionate about animals all her life. If she ever sees a distressed animal she will drop whatever she is doing to help.

She has rescued all creatures great and small; including bees, carrion birds, mice, pigeons, doves, slow worms, rabbits, stray dogs, hedgehogs, quail etc. If an animal is in need she will be there to help.

Her passion for rescuing and helping any animal in need led to her dedicating all of her free time to looking after them while she was working a full-time job in the media industry.

For the love of dogs

She discovered her love for dogs, their unique loyalty and the utter adoration that they give to people, when she began volunteering for the Cinnamon Trust. This charity offers regular dog walking for the less able, elderly or infirm and offers lifelong homes for dogs after their parents have passed away.

This opened her heart to a new passion and enabled her to create an unbreakable bond with one of the dogs she walked. At that moment she knew that she had to take a new path in life.

Her professional career as a newspaper editor and graphic designer had to end as Adele knew that her heart and soul was committed to working with these incredible animals.

Leader of the pack

Adele had also been volunteering at a dog daycare centre in her home county, Cornwall, and loved every second of it. Being able to lead a pack of dogs to enjoy a fun and happy session at the daycare, seemed like the most fulfilling experience anyone could have.

Adele had always offered pet sitting in Cornwall for friends. This included staying at people’s homes to look after their dogs, cats, lizards, rabbits, tortoises and fish, while their parents were away on holiday.

Adele immersed herself into the world of dogs, learning everything she could about their behaviour, health, needs, language, training and dietary requirements and so much more.

She undertook several courses including Animal Behaviour, Canine First Aid, Inside Your Dog’s Mind, SIRUS Dog Trainer Academy, SIRUS Reliability and Games Workshop and she is still learning more and more each day.

Adele left Cornwall in October, 2018, moved to Leicestershire with her fiancé Drew and has never looked back.

Barking up the right tree

Adele put her heart and soul into working with dogs full time, and has been walking dogs or pet sitting every day since the move. She has never been happier and more fulfilled.

When Adele was given the opportunity of opening her own daycare centre, she jumped at the chance.

She welcomes you to trust that she has the absolute best interests of your beautiful pets at the forefront of her mind at all times, and she would like to assure you that she will love them as much as you do. Adele is fully DBS checked and licensed.

Hear what our

Happy Parents Have To Say!

Where do I start with Adele… there’s nobody else on this planet who comes even close to her! Adele would rescue any animal at any time, even a slug! I’m not even joking. She’s quite literally one in a million! This is not just a daycare centre… this is THE safest, most loving, reliable, responsible, stimulating, educational environment for a dog, that you could EVER wish for! I must warn you… do not take it to heart when you go to collect your dog after work and they don’t want to leave her! She has this gift! You can’t learn it, or buy it, it’s a gift she was born with. Animals come first to Adele, it’s that simple. Give her a trial and see the difference in your dog’s life… if Carlsberg did doggy daycare!

Kimberly Bird – Leicester